We launched our MC server today!

Player slots: 100

Difficulty: Hard


Server Description:

Our server brings a mostly pure, semi-vanilla experience to our players. Unlike most other servers, we allow griefing, raiding, and "no boundaries" PVP. Overused plugins such as Economy Plugins and Faction plugins are not present on this server, but we do have various plugins that make us semi-vanilla. These plugins include the ability to set home, the ability to participate in various custom built arenas, and cosmetic plugins for donators that have no impact on gameplay.


Rule 1: No racism (racial slurs or comments included). Chat is PG-13.

Rule 2: No scamming or interfering with other player's trades.

Rule 3: No accusing others of cheats or scamming without proof.

Rule 4: No spamming of the chat or of the various commands.

Rule 5: English is the public chat language. Non-English languages are okay in private chat.

Rule 6: No cheating, glitching, or hacking.

Rule 7: No advertising other servers.

Rule 8: Do not argue with Mods/Admins* **

Rule 9: Do not ask for items back after you die.

Rule 10: Do not AFK at mob/XP farms.

Rule 11: No perverted or nasty comments allowed in public or private chat.

Rule 12: Do not target new players.

Rule 13: Do not grief spawn or arenas.

Rule 14: Be respectful to other players.

Rule 15: Do not ask for Mod/Admin permissions.

*Report abuse on our website to a staff member. Please have proof of the abuse.

**Mods are players on the server too, and they can raid/pvp as well. They cannot use their authority to manipulate players to their benefit. However, their authority in enforcing the rules is equal to admins.


We have a dedicated Teamspeak server for our Minecraft players. As one of the most lightweight voice programs, Teamspeak is perfect to talk to your teammates or friends while you play on our server.

Teamspeak 3 Server: ts3.thepeoplegaming.net

If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reply with your questions!

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